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UV Printing

Printing technology allows you to decorate your planner with almost any graphics. You don't have to limit yourself in terms of colours and tonal transitions. We will print your company logo and a detailed photograph on the cover of your planner.

Metallic printing

Book calendars with a paper cover can be decorated with a metallic textured print, which gives the personalized calendar a shimmering and rich shine.


Stamping consists of marking a spatial pattern on a planner. Embossing is done using a matrix, which can be based on one of our patterns or fully personalised based on your ideas.

Hot stamping

Hot stamping allows you to apply decorations enriched with decorative foil, for example, gold foil to your calendar.


Planners can have metal finishes, which can additionally be fully personalised with any engraving, for example, the name of the owner of the calendar.

Creative stitching

Specialised sewing machines allow you to sew almost any pattern on the cover of a planner - an original one or one from our offer.