What kind of paper can I choose for planner pages?

  • White

  • Chamois

  • Recycled

  • Grass

  • Stone

Stone paper

One of the best and most ecological alternatives to classic white paper - stone paper. It consists of 75% calcium carbonate and 25% resin binder and polyethene, which ensures that the surface of the sheet of paper is naturally white and smooth, with almost no noticeable texture. Stone paper is also characterised by extraordinary resistance to tearing, grease and moisture - after flooding, the notes do not smudge, and the dried planner is still suitable for writing.

Paper weight: 144g

Discover the special features of stone paper

Naturally white

Calcium carbonate, which is the main component of stone paper, ensures its natural whiteness.


Wood is not used for the production of stone paper and water consumption is kept to a minimum.

Grease and water resistant

Thanks to its partial water resistance, stone paper is water and grease resistant.

Tear resistant

Stone paper is highly resistant to tearing and abrasion.

Save trees, water and less waste

1 ton of stone paper compared to 1 ton of classic paper is

Customers served! 100  saved trees
Customers served! 100   litres of saved water
Customers served! 100   kilograms less waste