Additionals to personalised planners

The planner is not just a cover - get to know the cover additions

Ornamental circles

Subtle additions that complement the cover of your planner. Available in bamboo and metal variants, additionally refined with a copper, silver or gold finish. What's more, for people who value the idea of sustainable development, we offer an ornamental circle with a pine seed with the option of planting it in the garden.

Metal closure

Extremely durable, and at the same time an elegant alternative to the elastic closures protecting against opening the calendar - available in the form of a buckle and a latch. In addition, it can be personalised with a laser or classic engraving.

Metal badge

From finochrome finishes to a personalised flash drive inserted into the planner cover - we offer many possibilities, including silver plating, gilding and laser or classic engraving. This type of planner decoration can be a single element of the cover or part of a larger project.

Veneered additions

Veneered additions to book calendars made of decorative and varnished wood add a classic style to any calendar.

Elastic closures

In its classic form, it ensures protection against a cover opening, but we extend its functionality with vertical or horizontal fastening, including the option of adding a pen loop and a personalised badge.

Decorative charm for a planner

Personalizing your planner has never been easier. Charms attached directly to the elastic closure of book calendars are an elegant addition that you can easily attach yourself. Click on the link below and discover the personalization possibilities

Personalised metallic stickers

Metallic stickers, in any shape, and color and with various prints, are an economical and effective solution for personalising book calendars.

Clasp closure

Perfect for those who value classic solutions with the additional possibility of full personalization. Clasp closure effectively protects the planner cover against the opening. Claps can be subtle and narrow or wide in original shape and enrich embossing.

Fore-edge dyeing

The personalised edges of the pages make the planner look extremely coherent and colourful. On the edges, apart from the selected colour, you can place your brand logo or a catchy slogan.

How can you package your planner?

In our offer you can find multicoloured packaging with the possibility of marking and individually designed are the perfect planner complement that will be given as a gift.