Ecological covers of planners


Made from 100% post-consumer waste, mostly from plastic bottles. For 1 m2 of R-PET, we use twelve 1.5 litres bottles.


An eco alternative to new leather. RE-COVER is produced from post-production leftovers of cowhide leather products.


Obtained from the bark of the cork oak. The bark of the cork tree regenerates itself, so there is no need to cut down the entire tree.


An ecological alternative to fabric book calendar covers. In addition to its eco-friendly properties, the linen cover can be personalized by color printing.


The cover is made entirely of FSC-certified paper from forests used only for industrial purposes and exploited responsibly.


The material for these covers comes from 100% sustainable prepared for industrially needed forests.

Ecological paper

We offer three ecological alternatives to classic paper.

Recycled paper

Made of 100% recycled paper with no added brighteners or chlorine bleaching.

Grass paper

100% biodegradable grass paper is made of grass fibres and FSC-certified pure cellulose, without the addition of optical brighteners.

Stone paper

It consists of 75% calcium carbonate and 25% resin binder and polyethene.

Flyleaf with flower seeds

Flyleaf of a planner may contain seeds of field poppies, daisies, myosotis and silene.

  • Step 1: Tear out the sticker flyleaf on the planner
  • Step 2: Plant the seed sheet into the ground
  • Step 3: Water and wait for your mini meadow

Did you know you can also have a seed in your planner cover?

Eco-friendly planners may contain pine seeds in their covers. When the planner wears out, you can "plant it"! Fully biodegradable sheets and covers will act as a good eco fertiliser.

for every 100 planners we plant 1 tree